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4th Grade

Welcome to Fourth Grade!

Fourth grade is an exciting year! This year some of the things your child will learn about are:

  • California History
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication and Division
  • Reading for Understanding
  • Writing to Inform, Persuade, and Tell 

Home Connect


Click on the links below to be taken to websites that will continue the learning that students are doing in class.

English Language Arts


Social Studies


4th Grade Daily Schedule*
Breakfast 8:15 AM 8:30 AM
Class 8:30 AM 10:55 AM
Recess 10:55 AM 11:15 AM
Class 11:15 AM 12:45 PM
Lunch 12:45 PM 1:25 PM
Class 1:25 PM 3:00 PM

*Students dismissed at 1:30 on Wednesday

4th Standards

Click here to see what every fourth grade student should know by the end of the year.