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Common Core Parent Handbook

Estándares Comunes



Steffan Manor subscribes to Renaissance Place.  This service allows us to:

  • administer periodic reading level assessments to know what students Independent Reading Level is at that time
  • provide parents with immediate results on book quizzes passes or not passed
  • track the number of words the student has read
  • give an average of the book levels that the student has read
  • give an average of percent correct on the quizzes take by the students

Click here to go to the Renaissance Place Home Connect page so see how your student is progressing.  Also, please feel free to ask your child's teacher about their Independent Reading Level so that when you take them to the library or buy books, your child is reading books that are at their level.

Book Level

Click here to find out the level of a book.  There is also information about Interest Level, AR Points, Word Count, and a quick summary.