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Colleen Jones, Vice-Principal


Walking the halls of Steffan Manor is very nostalgic.  Steffan Manor was my elementary school many (well not so many) years ago.  I have happy memories of selling milk at lunch time, helping to build a new playground, playing in the “junk band” and participating in the Halloween Parade.  Steffan Manor was a special place then and continues to be today.   After Steffan Manor I went to Franklin Junior High and on to Vallejo High School.  Then off to college to get the degrees I needed to be a teacher with the desire to return to Vallejo and teach.

After college, I came back to Vallejo and started teaching at Franklin Middle School.  In fact, several Steffan Manor parents and even a secretary were my former students.  I taught at Franklin for twelve years and then went into counseling.  When the district started cutting counselors I decided to go into administration.  This is my eighth year as an administrator spending a majority of my time at Vallejo Middle School and then Jesse Bethel and Vallejo High School.

I am honored to be the Vice Principal at Steffan Manor.  This is my second year and I feel like I am back home.  The students, parents, support staff and teachers are an incredible group of people.  I look forward everyday to coming to Steffan Manor and being part of a team that works towards providing the best possible educational program for our students.

As the Vice Principal,  my goals are to foster a safe, nurturing and respectful learning environment where all students will excel. 

One thing that clearly stood out for me at Steffan is the incredible parent support.  Parents make Steffan special by helping in the classroom, helping to support students and their families, being a member of PTO and inquiring how their child is doing in school.  Please know that you are welcome at Steffan Manor.  This is your school and together we will help students be college and career ready. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments  at (707) 556-8640 etc. 57104,, or just stop by and say hello.  I look forward to seeing all of you throughout the school year.