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Principal's Note

Happy New Year!

Welcome to Roland Davis, Proud Incoming Principal of Steffan Manor Elementary School



Steffan Manor Elementary School is a great place for learning with a long history of excellence.  Some of Vallejo’s best and brightest students as well as staff have passed through the rotunda and walked our halls.  The school is founded on a strong belief that every child deserves the best education we can offer, and we continue to build on that belief daily.


The Steffan Manor community is one characterized by active, positive community involvement.  Not only do parents, neighbors and former staff members return as volunteers, a number of our staff members are former Steffan Manor Scholars.  In every conversation that takes place you can hear the desire for every student to succeed.  All of our efforts, large and small, are wrapped around that very goal.  


Parents, you are our most important partner as, together, we ensure your student meets, and even exceeds, the California Common Core State Standards each year.  Did you know that anything your student learns during the day, though, will “stick” almost 5 times better if they go over it again within hours of learning it the first time?  Dr. Hermann Ebbinghaus discovered that in 1885, and it’s still true!  That’s just how the brain works.  In fact, recent scientists are discovering the structures in the brain that prove this is exactly what happens.  So, the most important thing you can do to support your student’s learning is to go over their school work or homework with your child every night.  Simply ask him/her to explain it to you or teach it to you, and be genuinely interested in and excited about what they’re telling you.  (This is true, by the way, all the way through their schooling.)


Another way to support your student’s learning is to develop their love of reading.  Children who read frequently (at least 30 minutes per day outside of class) have larger vocabularies and so have more options in expressing themselves when they speak and write.  Steffan Manor has a wonderful children’s library, and we’re fortunate enough to have the Springstowne Library in our own community, as well.  Even in this digital age, reading continues to be the most common avenue for learning.  So, read with and to your child!


We know that your child is the most important person in the world to you, and we’re glad to be your partners in educating your child to meet the challenges of the future.